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Initiative 1580 concerns state and local income taxes. This measure would prohibit state and local governments from imposing any tax on income from wage or any other income, as defined, and prohibit the department of revenue from collecting such a tax.

It would define “income” as net income, adjusted gross income, or any other portion or type of income. This prohibition would not apply to the business and occupation tax.

The sponsor of this measure, Tim Eyman, says three dishonest things about his measure. Here they are!

1. “The people strongly oppose the constant effort by politicians to create and impose new taxes on already struggling taxpayers.”

2. “Taxpayers face the threat of a Democrat controlled House, Senate, and Governorship. Jay Inslee is a rubber-stamp governor who will sign any tax increase that passes both chambers.”

3.”Greedy Democrats have lusted for more money for decades.”

The truth is that this measure is no good because... 

1. Our politicians have been more than fair to us in that they’ve not imposed new taxes on anyone unnecessarily.

2. The only threats we face here are Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and Tim Eyman. They’re greedy and lustful, not Jay Inslee!

3. Democrats have never lusted for money or anything else, ever. Dangerous measures are non-partisan in nature and target everyone. Please don’t sign for I-1580! It’s just no good.


Gretchen Anna Sand 

Kennewick, Wash.

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