Tired of all the snow, but it sure is beautiful

We received a bit of snow back in November, and I heard the usual, “Hey, it’s snowing” from a few people, and I gave my usual response: It will be gone tomorrow; this is the banana belt.

When the first December snow came, the same exclamations were repeated. Now look at all of this snow. We’ve had enough of a White Christmas to last a lifetime.

Just about every time Accuweather said it was going to warm up, it didn’t. Or it warmed up a day or two late. Or the warmup didn’t last as long as predicted.

Early last week, Accuweather said we’d hit the 40s about Thursday. It was cold, and it snowed. Same on Friday. We finally got to just above freezing on Saturday, but the temp was down to 21 when I left the district wrestling tournament at Mattawa.

It warmed up a little on Sunday as I was working at the computer, and the sun finally came out. I was enjoying it through the window when my daughter-in-law Sabrina said it was snowing on the other side of the house. I woke up Monday morning to find about half an inch of new snow.

I was measuring the snowfall this year in the number of times it has come down. I’ve lost track. Should have written them down. I stopped counting at 20, but I’m guessing that last night totaled about 30, maybe more. It’s just been crazy.

The weather people say there has been a total snowfall of 23 inches, as of Monday, in Yakima. Not here. Counting all of the snowfalls and the number of inches each time, my place has collected between 30-40 inches. But the way snow settles and packs, it looks like a two-foot total.

On my trips from the Valley to Moses Lake, I have seen feet of snow in some places and only inches in others. The lightest-hit areas on my route have been around Mattawa, even some spots down around Silver Dollar.

Generally the drive is like a scene from Dr. Zhivago. It’s really pretty, and I’m thankful to all of the men and women who clear the roads to allow me to take it all in.

One day last week I was coming down the north slope of the Rattlesnakes on Highway 241, the sun was shining, and there were 100 or more cows enjoying breakfast together in the middle of a big sparkling snowfield.

Yes, I’m a farm boy. So to me that was a beautiful sight. Had I been a painter, I would have stopped.

I’m sure I won’t forget the snowfall of 2016-17. It’s the biggest – and prettiest – I’ve ever seen.

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