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To the editor:

We are called parents of murdered children and labeled co-victims by the judicial system.

Victims and co-victims have been given “victims’ rights” and are now included in the justice that is sought.

It is imperative that we elect a judge who can afford us the victims’ rights and the fair justice we seek.

We insist on a judge who has proven experience, core values and is totally dedicated to the robe of justice, hence our support for Judge David Estudillo.

Since his appointment, Judge Estudillo has proven his ongoing experience in criminal cases; child molestation, drugs, theft, murder and weapons. He has presided over jury trials and hearings, as well as civil matters.

We have found Judge Estudillo to be a respectful, humble man. In the community, Judge Estudillo has shown concern and compassion for all. He holds the right disposition to be a fair and honest judge.

We have faith that Judge Estudillo will continue to give dignity and respect to victims of crime. As well, see that criminals are placed for punishment and rehabilitation.

Our communities can only benefit by electing a hard working dedicated public servant like Judge Estudillo.

Dora Sanchez-Trevino


Criccy Pelayo


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